Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christophers 28th Birthday

Christopher turned 28 today! Woo hoo! Being his mellow self we celebrated rather mildly. We had a big chinese food lunch hung out around the house and went to Barnes and Noble. He got lots of great giftcards so we now have a small stack near our computer. It is fun to look at them and think of things to purchase :) He loved hearing several of the neices and nephews sing him happy birthday! On a more stressful note since he has no school we decided this break would be a good time to get Liam to put himself to sleep and sleep through the night. As I type he is crying in the next room. I thought for sure after Sam that this would be a lot easier the second time around-- wrongo. It is so heart wrenching hearing his little cry, especially when I know I could make him happy in a snap just by nursing him. But Christopher is a rock (thankfully one of us is) and we will see how it goes. Along with this comes the removal of the bottle from Sam. Ughhh. It is just so hard to do since he goes to bed and for naps blisfully easy with one. But now that he is 18 months it is time. Next on the chopping block will be the binky, this is going to be along week :)