Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve

You know you are tired when you choose sleep over staying up till midnight to celebrate the New Year :) Christopher unfortunately had to spend most of the day writing a paper for one of his classes so the boys and I had fun hanging out at home. We put back up Sam's tent now that we aren't expecting any visitors for a while. He had a blast putting all the pipes in where they fit and every time he did one by himself he would shout yah! and clap. Once it was all put together we spread out his sleeping bag and he did his usually pay where he wanted me to sit. Liam was taking his long afternoon nap so we got to read several of Sam's favorite books. When Chris got home we decided to talk about our goals for the year. Of course numero uno is eating healthier. With that in mind we took the boys in their PJ's and had our last Maggie Moo shake and have now rid the house of treaties. Hopefully we can stick to it for once.

On a fun note Sam gave Liam his first horsey ride. It was sooooo cute. And Liam is even wearing his cowboy sweater... granted he is missing pants as they were about to get in the bath, but it is still super cute! I really have no idea what we did for fun before the boys, they crack us up non stop! I know this New Year will bring so many more laughs and lots of precious memories.


Kerstin said...

Wow, you're boys get cuter and cuter all the time! Good luck with your new'll be awesome!