Saturday, February 23, 2008

A few of my favorite things

So this weekend has been a fairly lame one for us as this horrible flu has passed from person to person. I guess I should be glad that it hits us mainly one at a time so there is always at least a semi conscious adult around for the kids. Luckily the Grady's were brave enough to come watch a movie with us which was the most eventful activity of the weekend. What is hilarious though is how much Sam LOVES our whole family being together. He loves it and I think it is soooo adorable. He was holding both Chris's and my hands today as we sat by his train table then worriedly said bro bro (what he calls Liam-- another one of my favorite things). He was getting a little stir crazy by the end of the day and we caught the attached video of him running around his train in circles then flinging himself on the love sac. Don't mind my horrible singing of the Thomas theme song remember I am not well :)

So besides Sam loving our family unity he has also started saying what ever we say, just slightly less coherently. This afternoon when we were changing a poopy diaper he kept saying "gross! Gross" Which I have to hand it to him it was pretty gross. It is so fun that he is talking more and more. On the big boy note we tried EXTREMELY unsuccessfully to put him in a big boy bed so poor Liam can finally get into the crib. We had it all ready with a Thomas pillow and special blanket we made and it did not go well. He screamed and screamed and we ended up not being able to get him calmed down enough to go to bed till about ten. So needless to say we will be holding off on that for a while.
Another of my favorite things is my adorable husband. So tonight after being stuck inside we took Sam and Liam to Waller Mill park to see if we could find some ducks and play on the playground. Some fishermen had a bunch of fish in a bucket so I showed Sam and he looked at me and said "him sad" I nearly died. It was sad seeing the fish laying there gasping for air. I promptly picked him up and we left. Back to Chris though he humored me by going to Panera for dinner. Halfway through the meal he was looking over the receipt and realized we did not get charged for my drink, he immediately went up and tried to pay for it but the cashier said not to worry about it. I know it is totally a tiny thing but it just reminds me that honor and honesty are still thriving, at least with my cute hubby! Well off to watch a nightly Thomas whoo hooo!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that there are a few honest people left in this world! What a great husband! Soon enough you will be having a fun time with Wes and Kristin!