Friday, February 19, 2010

Hot New Wheels!

Everyone in the Crawford Clan are owners of hot "new "wheels! Yesterday Che Che and the kiddos and I went down to one of the main market areas and picked them up a bike each. I had seen these bikes while driving around and really wanted to get them for the boys. Of course there was a huge crowd surrounding us and more then once I had to ask people not to touch them. What can I say they are blonde and still pasty white! Liam of course wanted the green bike but kept hopping in the back and made it flip over three times. On the third time the safety bar from the front smacked right into his nose and he lost it. And the crowds went wild. We quickly loaded them up and took them home.
Liam shuffled around on his for a while but then I finally convinced him that the bike wouldn't flip over if Sam was sitting in the front. After that poor Sam had to haul his brother around.
It was so cute, eventually Sam said "Liam don't you want to ride the green bike? Isn' that a great idea?" and when Liam said "No!" Sam quietly said "Your just sooo heavy" haaa!
Abby got her set of wheels on loan from our friends Jan and Meredith. They have this cool excersaucer that is in the shape of a car and is on wheels. The boys love ZOOMING Abby around the house it in. They really go sooo fast. She always has the hugest smile on her face as she goes flying past.
Chris and I died laughing the other night because they were bringing her everywhere with them and after being in their room for a while came running out then looked at each other and Sam gasped "We forgot Abby!" and ran back in and zoomed out with her. She just LOVES being a part of the action. She is currently jumpin all over the place in the Johnny Jump up they let us borrow. Woo hoo for entertainment that lets my hands be free. I had to take a picture of her in her awesome Naartjie outfit her Aunt Melony gave her. When Mel gave this to me I just about died and thought "Wow it will be forever until she is in this" sniff sniff it fits perfect.
(Che Che was kind enough to hold her up for me. Poor girl is probably thinking am I your photography assistant or your house keeper haa!) As for Chris and I we are currently cruising around in a HUGE old Land Cruiser while we try and figure out what car we want to buy. It is on loan from the Embassy and is this old beast of a car that is manual drive haa! Do not only do you have to concentrate on driving on the other side of the road, and not hit a motorpoed riders who are ALL over the roads that have no lanes, but you have to shift! We have loved it though because as mentioned before the roads are terrible and any car you get is going to get pretty banged up. It totally flash backs me to high school when I would Cruise around with my Friend Heidi in her huge Land Cruiser. There is just something endearing about ghetto old cars. You have to have respect for them for lasting so long! Usually I would name it but I don't want to get too attached and then have to give it back in a teary rock throwing "You don't belong here scene"- JUST KIDDING.


LondonCalling said...

Raddest bike EVER!

Robyn Reynolds said...

That car reminds me of Ireland where we not only had to drive on the left side but shift with our left hand too and we all hit the curb in the round abouts. That was so funny. I can't believe my mom declined getting insurance!

The Gardener said...

Those are the best trikes! Teach 'um young to peddle around a passenger. Sweet!

melonys said...

Kelly I am soooo sad to see that it already fits her, NOOOO that means she is to big already! She is soooo cute in it though!!!