Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Its hard not to cry

Chris and I were very lucky to go to two local orphanages this week and deliver toys and books that were donated by wonderful families back in the states. I already well up just thinking about orphans and it was almost impossible not to cry in front of them. (I did save it until we were back in our car where I am sure I worried our driver when I fell apart).

The children were adorable and loved interacting with the sailors.

Who inturn tried to teach them how to use some of the "trickier" new toys they received. Chris and I worried about broken arms and no medical attention available but what are you going to do,

the kids loved it and at least they had lots of helmets.

The girls were such sweethearts and were so bashful.

I am not going to lie, it was really hard not to take this particular cutie home.

This little guy was hilarious! They sang us these amazing songs with lots of dancing and hand gestures. He was so loud. He was like the proverbial primary child who yells the words during the sacrament program-- the sailors loved it and kept shouting for someone to give him a recording contract!

This was them singing about an elephant and boogie boogie (those are the words I understood)

They loved getting such a warm response from the Sailors, who were all so kind and gentle with the children

Chris and I talked about what an amazingly diverse group there was, between the "american" sailors and UN peacekeepers we covered a huge amount of the globe. (One of the sailors was from Cork Ireland, right off Model Farm road, mom!)

While the cuties played with the sailors and their new toys we were given tours of the orphanages. Both of which are in a very sorry state. At the second orphanage there are 15 children and two beds. We are hoping that the Seabees will be able to come and help them out with some repairs. When we asked what we could bring them they asked for food. I seriously thought I would loose it. The government isn't subsiding them at all so they have no milk or rice for the children. At this point in order not to have a complete meltdown I seriously thought of how strong my mother in law Jan is in situations like this and how my crying wouldn't do anyone any good, instead we would just have to get down to it and work something out so that these kids don't starve. I am formulating a plan on how to subsidize these orphanages...... but for now at least they are enjoying their new fire trucks!

After returning home I think I made Sam and Liam and Abby sit on my lap for a good hour. Just so I could hold them and snuggle them. I am so glad that they will grow up realizing just how truly blessed they are to be Americans, i know it was sure hit home to me today.


Elizabeth Moon said...

We are so blessed. The children look happy in these pictures! Do they get enough food? Are they well treated?

Jan said...

WOW!! Again, Kelly, what amazing experiences you are having. There must be a way we can help the orphanages. It's always so good to ask what their actual needs are. So sad that it is something as basic as food. If you come up with a way to deliver milk or rice I would donate regularly.

LondonCalling said...

Mom and I thought the cute one in pink looked like Paige! You are better than me, I would have tried to convince Chris to let me adopt her. Which I realize is unrealistic, but I would have tried anyway.

Terisha said...

Could 'boxed' milk be sent from the US? Like Parmalat that they sell in Europe. What about powdered milk? How's the water situation? I'm sure it isn't good, but who knows. We could certainly get rice together as well. I'm sure it tugs at your heart seeing those little ones.

Robyn Reynolds said...

I told Jeff if I went to Haiti he can expect a new kid to come home with me. It is so neat that you went there.That little girl is beautiful. I bet it was so hard leaving them. Let me know if you set something up how we can help.

The Gardener said...

Is there anyway to set up a paypal account or something similar so we don't have to send $$ through the mail?

Cady said...

well done kelly, the pics are wonderful, you really capture their excitement and personalilites! they are beautiful children of God.

kesli said...

You are a strong woman. Especially holding it all together in front of the kids because it would be hard for anyone with children of their own to see what you witnessed. Your pictures captured their pure joy and excitement for the new toys! What an amazing experience.

Kendra said...

oh man. Those are times that change your life. You did a wonderful job documenting it though. What an amazing experience. I have really enjoyed reading about all of your adventures! I found your blog off of Kesli's, and I'm going to add it to my list as well if that is alright with you! I'm soooo happy to see that you guys are having a nice time! I'm excited to see more pics, you always have such awesome ones!