Sunday, February 21, 2010

The More the Merrier

Remember how I said I was always nervous of people falling off bike and cars and trucks? Well that is especially bad on Sundays. Here in East Timor the locals are great about going to church. The majority (about 98%) are catholic and there are many churches. The problem is most families cannot afford cars. So on Sundays when they are all going to church it tends to look like this:
MInd you there is another child on the front in between the drivers knees!
This weekend we of course hit Caz Bar and brought home a new pet:
Liam lost interest in his croc pretty fast but Sammy likes to cart his around on the back of his bike.
I had to get a few shots of Abbers in her hug floppy hat:
How cute is that!
I just love those cheekers!
This weekend a US Navy ship also came to port to bring the local hospital and orphanage supplies.
The boys were excited to see the huge ship. Chris was invited to a reception on board that evening and then today we are headed to hand out the supplies and I get to take pictures woo hoo! Hopefully I will do a good job haa!


Anonymous said...

Cool ship in the background, Kelly. Very convenient backdrop! What great experiences you are all having. Love Abby's floppy hat. She is adorable..!!

Grandma Jan said...

Whooops! It is of course me- Jan

Katie said...

Baby on a moped-oh my! And ships in your backyard. I love Abby's outfit.

Olivia Jewell said...

OH my goodness, that hat is ADORABLE, I totally want one. She is SO cute Kelly. It looks like you guys are having such a neat experience. You guys are so awesome, I'm glad that I can live vicariously through you.