Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Um is it my birthday yet?

No it is not even close. But being here in Dili means doing all of my window shopping on line. That is a big problem because hello there is WAY more cute stuff online haa! So far I think I am going to beg Chris for one of these:

with the three cuties names on it of course... but then you have to wonder what you do when another cutie comes along, (there should be a BIG IF in there somewhere...) So maybe one of these instead:

In any event I LOVE them.
Then there is the endless stream of patterns I would love. Becuase the boys NEED an elephant on their bedside tables:

But then again, I have a soft spot for turtles:

ANd if I am going to get those well then there needs to be some stellar fabric to make them:

And if I have some cute fabric lying around I should pick this up so I can whip up some other items.

Then once I have made said items I will need to document them with the lens I have been drooling over:

So its probably a good thing my bday isn't for months so it will be out of my system....


Garity said...

Ahhh, onling shopping, I have no idea how my mother stayed sane all those years overseas without the internet and vonage. I feel so spoiled. Bummer it takes so long for the stuff to get to you but it is still nice. I won't complain (not that I ever did) that it takes a whopping week to 2 weeks to get our stuff.

Other than coffee, what fun stuff is there to buy there? Is there much artisan culture?

K Miller said...

Kelly you are so funny. I can't believe you are already looking for birthday stuff. By hey, it really is never too early to start looking.