Saturday, February 6, 2010

Star Power In Hong Kong

There is a great post coming on the ridiculously fun good bye party we had before we left but I am still trying to get the pictures organized and on the internet. While I am soooo grateful we have internet in our home and I don't have to go to a "cafe" it is VERY slow and uploading pictures is pretty cumbersome so unfortunately if I am going to keep posting it will be with a lot less pictures :(. For now though lets talk about the crazy trip to Dili! We said our last goodbyes to Oakwood at 6am. Chris had gotten up at 4 am and taken the bags to the airport so it was a much easier trip. Although, with our stroller, three car seats a crib, four backpacks, one diaper bag and one roller carry on, we still looked like crazy. I am sure everyone on our flight started freaking out when they saw us haa! We had a two hour lay over in Chicago which was a perfect time to eat our last McDonald's and let the boys run around. Chris and I had made some major plans of attack for the plane. We had an entire carry on suit case filled with toys, treats and surprises. We figured it would go kind like this :
Get on and get settled. Read some books, get drinks. Nap time (luckily the flight took off about an hour before nap time)
Wake up, eat dinner, watch a movie, break out some coloring books and treats, walk around the plane a little, go to sleep. Wake up, watch another movie, eat breakfast land.--- and it went exactly like that! It was amazing. We didn't have one single melt down. No fist fights- nothing! We didn't even open any of the toys! All my prayers were heard. Chris snapped this pic of me and my buddies during the wee hours of the morning:

I had packed barn new PJ's so they were excited to get into them. (Thomas and Buzz respectively of course)
When we got to Hong Kong we headed out the the luggage carosouel. Even though we were only staying for two nights we would have to haul ALL of our nine pieces of luggage to the Disneyland hotel. Because of that we had to get a special car service. The people were so sweet. Sam was still completely zonked out and decided it would be best to make camp in the stroller:

This was not good for our let lag plan of attack :) We headed out to the Disney hotel and the boys were pretty excited to see Mickey on all the signs. Sam kept saying "We went there with Grandma and Papa!" (That really was one of the funnest vacations ever so I am not shocked he mentions it often!). While we checked in the boys took up residence in one of their favorite spots:

The kids lobby where they play old Disney cartoons! Abby was up from 2:00 until 3:30 am so I wandered the hotel halls with her. Then everyone else got up at 4am-- plenty of time to get to the 6am breakfast. I am sure the people in the hotel are used to jet lagged families bouncing around the dinning room that early.
(this is a SUPER flattering picture of me, but hey it was one of the few that uploaded so I had to use it.)

Sam LOVED the watermelon and downed tons of it. Since we were up at the crack of dawn we had time to wander the maze before heading over to the park.

Disneyland Hong Kong is A LOT smaller then any of the other Disneyland's. The only "big" ride is Space Mountain. They had to measure him to make sure he was tall enough and when we finally got him to stop standing on his tip toes he was tall enough so chris took him on! He told Chris "it was fun" but that he "was done"
They enjoyed trying to pull the sword from the stone.

Sam told me he couldn't pull it out because "there was tape on it"-- haaa! Must have been duck tape. We enjoyed the morning at Disney and then headed home to take a nap. To bad our nap lasted from 2pm until 7pm!!! Ughh. Chris thought he wouldn't fall asleep but we both zonked. To bad the park closes at 7pm. The next morning we had breakfast with the characters. The boys had so much fun seeing all of them.

Abby liked Daisy's beak in particular and gave her lots of kisses.

We were done with breakfast by 8:30 and the park didn't open until ten so we decided to head up to Ngon Ping.
We took these cool cable cars all the way up. The views were amazing.

Once there you walk through this amazing little couridor of shops. The boys had fun posing at the different corridor photo places (I would love to share these if they would EVER UPLOAD!!!) This is one of Christopher's and my favorite pictures:

It is as if they are looking at each other saying "you ready to do this thing!!!'
We then headed up the mountain of stairs. Chris had Abby in the front pack and I carried Liam ALL the way to the top. I must have a thing for carrying our children up landmarks. Remember when I carried Sam up the stairs at Blarney Castle Mandy, Jan and Robyn-- THAT was crazy. By the end Sam thought the best method would be crawling, and I can't say I blame him.

Half way there we had to take a little break:

Once at the top the boys took a moment to gaze across the mountains of China past the monastery and really soak in the culture.... okay so I am sure they were thinking "what would happen if I threw Buzz lightyear down there"

On the way back Liam took lots of pictures with his Buzz lIghtyear camera. It made me seriously contemplate getting the boys one of those tuff cameras for kids... maybe for his birthday :)

We headed to catch a cab back when Chris spotted a pizza hut. Knowing this would be our last chance for yummy pizza we headed over. I forgot that in other countries PIzza Hut is actually a really nice restaurant. We had the same experience when we went to one in Portugal.
We had more fun at Disneyland, taking in the fireworks and going on the merry go round:
Alright so this post has now taken me 2 hours to do. Luckily Chris and I have been watching Leap Year while doing it so the time has gone fast but I have GOT to figure some other way to do this :)


Cady said...

So glad for the update, even if it took you 2 hours! We miss you guys so much. Everyday Jarrett wakes up and wants to wear his cars shirt, fun to see leemers in his:) Huge blizzard in dc, but we still partied it up at monkey biz last night...can't wait to see the pics from your goodbye party! I'll say it again, we miss you guys!

Garity said...

Wow, that's all I can say. Your flight alone was an adventure in my book.

Frustrating about the time it takes to upload. I hope it gets faster once you get settled into your home.