Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Last Picture

I just had to share my favorite picture from Atauro. It was totally one of those candids that you end up loving. It is of Nicola early in the morning and lets just say I want an awesome hat like hers and want to look as good in it!
I don't know what it is I like about it so much, maybe it is just that I know what a lovely person Nicola is and so it means more to me. Either way I am glad I caught it.
Brief Aside: One of my amazing friends informed me that one of my absolute favorite fabric designers came out with a wallpaper line this month, be still me heart. It can be seen HERE. The sad part is that my adorable husband who never ever has any real opinions on decorating etc. and always gives me free reign has informed me that we will under no circumstances have wallpaper in our new house-- what the what!! Haaa! I guess I should listen to his ONE request in EIGHT years...... but there is always hope that he might change his mind right?


Z. Marie said...

There are ways of using wallpaper that don't involve it being on actual walls. One way is to line the back of a bookcase with it. (This works better with "display" bookcases than ones you're going to cram your old, ugly paperbacks in, but you get the idea.)

Leah Miller said...

I love that too!

The Gardener said...

I love it because it's soooo femine. If I were her I'd blow it up to a 16x20. GORGEOUS!