Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Family pictures

Well after about a million atempts we finally got some family pictures we love. I swear everything was working against us to get these done. The first time it was raining and we braved it anyway... then discovered there was no memory card in the camera we had used-- this AFTER posing in the rain for tons of pics. Aren't cameras supposed to tell you when there is no card? Then Sam was afraid of Santa etc etc. I think these turned out really cute though. Sam keeps switching back and forth between being glued to chris then me then back to chris. Today was Chris's turn so in the picture Sam is snuggled up to him. Luckily though I had adorable Liam in the picture who had by far the cutest outfit thanks to his Aunt Felicity!

It snowed today for the first time and since Liam has a cold I took just Sam out in it. He kept saying no! no! (he hasn't mastered his 's') He also did the cutest thing ever to Liam. While making dinner Liam was chillin in his bouncie chair and Sam came to visit. He walked over to Liam and picked up his hand and held it out then gave him five with his other while shouting "Yah!" I seriously died. It was so cute. I kept trying to get him to do it again but apparently it was a spontaneous one time thing. We also put together his huge tool set, as we continue slowly doling out his christmas presents. He LOVED it and spent the whole time with his safety goggles on, when he wasn't forcing me to wear them. Its a good thing they included those because man did we do a lot of drillin!


Danny Hyde said...

i love the goggles. I think I wore goggles until I was 17 just for fun. I even have a friend that ran the mile in high school who wore safety glasses just to screw with his competition. The little guy is on the right track. Keep up the good work!