Monday, February 18, 2008

Home again home again

Did you just say jiggidy jig in your head? I totally can't say the title of this post with out finishing it! haaa I am so lame. Moving on... we are finally home. It was a great visit to Utah. We were Very spoiled by both of our wonderful families but I was ready for my own bed and the boys to be in theirs! The flight home was, well lets say interesting. We sat kitty corner to a Very drunk women. Oh what time was our flight-- that's right 7:45 AM!!! AM!!! Who in the world gets drunk that early. Needless to say the stewardesses cut her off so then she began ranting about smoking and how she would pay the fine. She kept asking Liam (yes my baby boy) how much longer... and why won't they let me smoke Liam why? To top it all off she was in the exit row. I thought for heaven sakes PLEASE don't let anything happen to us while she is the one in front of the exit :) Sam also nearly assaulted the stewardess when she held Liam for a second. Have we mentioned how protective he is of his little bro? It borders on fanatical. He screamed until She handed him back. Now that we are home the unpacking begins. I really really do not like unpacking. Packing involves throwing everything out of your closet then stuffing it into a suitcase--- easy enough. Unpacking requires, laundry and figuring out where in the world you fit everything before and finding place for the new items purchased. I am also hesitant because we are leaving in a week and a half for Cleveland (sooo ridiculously excited to see the Tillmanns again!!!!) Add into the equation that every member of our family has a cold and you will understand why our home looks like our closet's simply exploded. On a fun and happy note Sam has fallen in love with Thomas the Tank Engine. I now spend my evenings trying to find an affordable compatible train set for the boy. I am trying to attach a video of him dancing to the theme song. He has a new toothbrush that plays this song and he goes crazy every time he hears it. It is a little dark but adorable. Well have to go surf the web for more Thomas deals! Oh yeah and unpack my PJ's.