Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Today we woke up in Utah to a massive snow storm! It was crazy! Sam unfortunatly caught a stomach bug and thus spent all last night getting sick. Poor chris was his first victim. It is so embaressing but I honestly cannot do throw up. I will just end up getting sick myself. I keep thinking it is a mental thing and get so frustrated with myself telling myself to "buck up and be a good mom". The minute I get around it though blah there I go myself. So poor chris had to deal with him for the majority of the evening. Seen as both boys are still on Virginia time we woke up rediculously early again and got to watch the snow falling in the dark. Poor Chris had to leave for Guard at six and drive on all the unplowed streets. Sam seemed to be over his sickness and Liam seemed pretty content so I went outside to help Chris's dad shovel the insane amount of snow off the driveway before church. Sam decided he wanted to join us but that did not last long. He may look like his daddy but when it comes to climates he is deffinetly his mother's son-- the warmer the better. After about five mins he was following me around whining till I took him in.

Because of the insane weather (some of the valley got 16 inchs!) and Sams amazing stomach pyrotechnics we decided to stick around here for the game. Luckily the Millers and the Reynolds braved the roads so Sam had two of his cousins to play with :) It is great to see family but man am I home sick for Virginias mild winter. And if we ever do end up somewhere it snows ever winter we will be investing in a four wheeler with an attachable shovel!


Robyn Reynolds said...

This snow really is rediculous!! I am looking out the window at work right now and it is coming down hard. So I totally see what you mean by smells grossing you out when your preggers. I just put on my vanilla lotion and now cannot get far enough away from my hands because they smell so strong I might hurl. I can't wait for this part to be over. You guys will have to come see our apartment some time this week. I am sure Sam will love Frodo.

Robyn Reynolds said...

Oh my goodness I didn't see that not so attractive photo of me earlier. Don't worry about not knowing the little girl in the picture on my site. It is a niece of Clark's I believe.

Tillmann Fam said...

Besides the crazy weather, I'm super jealous you guys are in Utah! How did the kids do on the flight? Well, it looks like you guys are having lots of fun with family! We are super excited to see you guys in a couple weeks!