Monday, February 18, 2008

Just Like His Namesake

I don't know how many people know that Liam's middle name is Harvey... probably as many people as know that his full name is William... not that many. Most of you probably think this is a little bit nerdy for a middle name and wonder why besides a love of a big white rabbit (only those who truly love movies know that reference) would we give our son this middle name. Well besides his Father, Christopher always genuingly looked up to two other men, Rudy Tillmann and Harvey "Grandpa" Hirschi. The later is Liams name sake. Sadly Patriarch Hirschi passed away a few months before little Liam was born so they never got to meet in this life. On this trip to Utah though Christopher Introduced Liam to his sweet wife Louis. These were the cute pitcures we were able to take. Liam being the adorable boy he is smiled and laughed a lot for her. He is a good judge of character already. I truely hope that Liam will grow up to be not only just like his father but also just like Patriarch Hirschi.


Anonymous said...

Harvey is so cute! I love kid names! I do have pictures of my house on the blog. You just need to search into some of my older posts and you will find it. I have updated a lot of things in the house but it gives you a general idea.