Monday, February 11, 2008

Sam has found Heaven

Today my sisters Claire and Felicity and my mom took Sam and Liam to Discovery Gateway. It is the childrens museum in downtown Salt Lake. My pass for the virginia living museum allows me to get myself and three other people in free whoo hoo! What drew us there though was the traveling exhibit with Sesame Street Called get to know your body. Not only was the normal museum AMAZING but sam was in absolute heaven in Sesame street! He got to go to Elmos world and play the counts organ. It was just awesome. When we walked in the museum there was a TON of really neat things to play with cranes that lifted foam blocks, Jeeps you could drive around and a HUGE water station... what did sam go for first.. of course the train table. I am telling you I have got to get me one of those! I am trying to see when I can go down again before we leave. I think the pictures say it all :)


christa lee* said...

FUN! how cute! so, this is what is keeping you so busy. I hope I get to see you guys... call me!