Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another Day-- Another Busch Gardens Trip

Busch Gardens has a wonderful program called "salute the troops" it allows military families to once a year get into any Busch Gardens venue for free! This includes Sea world, Sesame Place and the Gardens'. As Wes is in the Guard they chose to use their pass this weekend while visiting us. We got a bit of a late start due to car test driving.. more on that later. It was busier then I have seen it this season, which with four cuties made me a little nervous. They had a great time though! We were apprehensive as to whether or not Lucy would like the rides but she was grinning and waving looking like an old pro in no time! Sam of course had to show Lucy his fav ride-- aka Tummy heaven. Liam and Reese had a good time chillin in their strollers and snacking on ginormous ribs! While perky through out the day the park really wore Sam and Lucy out. Oh how we parents love it!