Monday, May 26, 2008

Proud care takers of quintuplets!

A few days ago we went out back to get the BBQ ready to grill up some yummy food. Wes opened the lid and tahdah:Oh my gosh I almost died. Little birdie eggs!!! We quickly closed it back up, trying to get it in exactly the same position it was in. I don't know the rules with birdies abandoning their babies etc. because someone messed with the nest, but these babies are not going to be booted on my watch! Yesterday we were playing in the backyard and I was wondering how our little eggs were doing. I didn't want to open the lid again so I just peeked in and the moma bird almost flew into my face. So as of yesterday the newest members of the Crawford family are still growing! I went and got some bird seed so Sam and I could make little bird feeder Pine cone things. I am sure the moma is hungry (I know it is not easy taking care of little ones!) Plus there is this amazing red bird that keeps hanging around our fence and I have been trying to snap a picture of it. Maybe this will tempt him into sticking around for a second!


Robyn Reynolds said...

Good job! I am glad you are protecting those little babies. Their mom will be the best taken care of bird with you and Sammy on the job!