Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tillmann Time

So Chris and I have been blessed with wonderful friends! This week our great friends the Tillmann's came! Yippie! Sam is betrothed to Lucy (despite her persistent deflections of his displays of affection) so it is good to get them together every now and then. We have been having a wonderful time! Yesterday we took them out to the strawberry fields. Lucy and Sam gorged themselves and ruined their cute clothes but had a great time. They both zonked on the ferry ride home so we took the opportunity to take the drive down the colonial parkway to York town. When we got there the kids played on the beach. Their favorite game is "make Wes draw letters in the sand!" Lucy was not a fan of the water temp! Liam and I hung out by the wagon-- a safe distance from the water!

Today we drove down to VA Beach! Although a bit windy it is always nice to have a day at the beach! Lucy and Sam enjoyed diggin in the sand
While Liam enjoyed his first big mac-- what to young. Us mommies enjoyed blinding everyone with our pale pale skin--- do you think maybe the Twilight books have made us a little to into vampires... shying away from the sun. Or have we finally matured and realized Sun damage really isn't a myth. Liam loved sitting and playing on his towel. The fun N sun finally got to Lucy and she zonked in her stroller. We polished of the day by having a great BBQ at waller mill. We took the kids out on the paddle boats. They LOVED it. We saw a turtle and that just made the whole trip. I wish I had remembered my camera because they looked so cute in their life vests!


Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures! You all look so cute in your bathing suits! I love your mod be suit! Lucy is too funny...gosh I miss that girl!