Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Six Years and Goin Strong

Today was our six year wedding anniversary! Whoo hooo! Not that I am shocked, I knew the moment I met Chris I wanted to spend forever with him. I know gooey and cheesy but its true. To celebrate we -- bought a mini van! Yup we have switched to the dark side and are now the proud owners of a Nissan Quest. My sister in law Kelly bough one about four years ago and I fell in love with them then. Its charcoal and has all the trimmings I LOVE, leather, DVD and the awesome automatic doors. Plus the review alarm thing so I don't run into poles... or bikes etc. We then went to Dairy Queen and all got Ice Creams which ironically enough none of us finished. I know thrills and spills a minute. But hey what better way to celebrate our wonderful marriage then with the people we love more than life itself! Speaking of which here are some pics! This is getting out of the bath tonight. Seriously how cute are they! I have also included some nostalgia pics of our wedding. What a wonderful day. Thank you Mom and Dad and Jan And Rick for a day I will never forget. Nor would I go back and change one single thing! How rare is that! I love that we had Irish Dancing. How can you have a Murphy Crawford wedding and not! The back of my dress was my favorite part... it made me want to walk around backwards.. but I think people would have thought that was weird. I loved that there were flowers EVERYWHERE. I didn't have one specific color just "spring colors" the women who did the flowers was AMAZING. I only met with her once and she did everything perfect. Our Cake was by Kerry's cakes who I think has done every single Crawford wedding! She is amazing, I loved the little dots so simple.

Christopher's friend Mark caught the garter...lovely
Christopher's friends at the Temple. So reverent. One of my friends gave me the best sggestion ever. She said to pick a perfume that I hadn't worn before for the wedding day/ honeymoon. Then keep it and wear it every anniversary. I loved the idea and picked Love spell. Now every year the smell triggers all the happy feelings I had that day. The same thing happens when someone walks past wearing it to haaa! What I loved most about the day tough was knowing that I was going to be with Christopher FOREVER. I honestly think that is what got me through the long 18 months of being apart with him in Iraq, knowing that no matter what we were sealed in the temple, a bond never to be broken. Sorry to get all churchy on my blog, Chris just brings out the emotional side of me. I love you Christopher!


Tillmann Fam said...

Congrats! I can't believe it's already been six years...crazy!! I love the wedding pics, so fun!

christa lee* said...

awwww! you guys are the most adorable couple I know. if I can find someone that makes me half as happy as the two of you are, I will be pretty darn lucky! thanks for sharing! love you guys!

Jaci said...

I can't believe its been six years already! You guys have such a cute family now! I am so happy for you! That day was wonderful and you looked beautiful!