Thursday, May 29, 2008

Park fun

After Chris got home from work we headed to the park to unwind. It is great to go now that Sam can do most things by himself. He is getting braver every time. It was so cute because when he got a little scared he would say "momas here" I just about died. I always say that to him but never thought he would say it back :) Liam loved the swing, I think his way to small hat looks hilarious in the video.

Sam's preferred method of travel.
Climbing through the tunnel telling me "Sam's comin".


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure you two have the best life! All this fun, I want to visit you! Love the mini van!!! What a great gift! I love your wedding pictures...I was there and I remember the dancers! Great looked beautiful!

LondonCalling said...

Samuel Crawford is TOUGH! I love this picture, and I love my blog. Thanks for pimping it out for me!

Tillmann Fam said...

Good job with the Peek website! It looks so good!! I'll have to put a link on my blog.