Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lets Start at the Very beginning-- a very good place to start

So we have been home two weeks now from Utah and it has been a whirl wind of excitement! The flight home was amazing and the boys were great! We landed in Baltimore and Sam hasn't left Christoper's side since. He is literally in panic mode if Chris walks out of the room. Although fittingly enough he was quite attached to me today being mothers day and all :) The first day in Baltimore we hung out in our amazing hotel room watching the ginormous plasma TV and went swimming (Liam's first time in a pool!) The next day we went to the inner harbor and ate lunch at Pot Bellies YUMMY!! (Christopher pointed out a while ago that I love sandwich joints and it is so true) then we went to the National Aquarium! It was HUGE! Chris's mom graciously paid so us starving students could see the wonderful Dolphin show which even entertained Liam! We must have walked a thousand miles and I was soooo tired when we got home. Sam had a hard time falling asleep though so he crawled in with Chris and I... and Liam... yeah ten in a bed anyone. Eventually I snuck Liam into his crib and I went over to the comfy couch only to be awoken by a loud THUD in the middle of the night then wailing. Apparently I was what was keeping Sam in the bed. Lovely. The next day I woke insanely excited to take Sam to ride on Thomas. We were running a little late because my responsible husband worked that morning so I was biting my nails that we wouldn't get there, but it ended up to our advantage, we literally parked in front of the door-- celestial parking if ever there was some! Sam was sooo excited to see Thomas and really couldn't take his eyes off him (as you can tell by the above picture). When we boarded the train they were playing the Thomas CD we listen to relentlessly in the car and a conductor came around and took pictures. (Iswear that pony tail is the girl behind us.. not sams)We then proceeded to take our tour-- through the ghetto of Baltimore. I kid you not I was fearful for our lives... but don't worry there was a police helicopter circling us the whole time (I told Sam it was Harold the Helicopter) He would look at all the broken down trains and shout gleefully "Choo Choo!" He even told me one was "Sad". I thought yes he is very sad, but at least he can provid shelter for the homless people under the over pass we just saw. Once back at the station we met up with Sam's buddies Thomas and Clark. They had a blast running around following the mechanical trains and riding the train ride. But it was hot and nap time so complete break downs were inevitable. What was classic though was the entire place was filled to the brim with 2-4 yearolds being over stimulated at nap time so every where you looked was another toddler falling apart. It really comforted me in a strange way to know I certainly wasn't alone :) On the way out we stoped by the freakishly short Sir Topham Hat and a horse drawn train (seriously whats that all about). All in all it was amazing and tons of fun. Having Chris and Jan there was a DREAM! Sam of course went out the minute we put him in the car. We picked up Christopher's summer car and headed home! Since being in Williamsburg it has been a fun flurry of activity with Chris's mom plus some nice relaxing days. We attempted to pick strawberry's but the rain prevented that from happening but we still had fun on the boat ride. We went to the living museum again and Sam had a close encounter with a turtle! We headed to Busch Gardens expecting to be home after an hour or two but ended up staying till closing! We had a great time trying to switch off between Hiding from the lashing rain and drying off in the sun. It was crazy weather. I love this video of Sam dancing to the music at the entrance.

We took in Pirates 4D but half way through Sam decided it was to scary but not before I snapped this picture! Gotta love those glasses.
Sam found his new favorite ride and a new best friend. The little girl next to him went on 7 rides with him. When she saw him at the airplanes she cried out "look its my best friend!" She would chat away and he would just stare at her smiling! Good job Sam you already know how to treat a lady! He loved the hang gliding ride and now asks for "Tummy? Tummy?"
Chris and I took him on the Log ride for the first time. We kept telling him "Okay the boat is going to go down a slide now!" He ended up really enjoying it, what a brave little dare devil we have! Now that it is getting nicer we have been spending a lot of time in our little back yard. I was outside gardening and Sam was playing in his sand box. We didn't want Lemers to sit on the cement so Chris plopped him in the lid of the sand box and it has become one of his favorite places! How insanely cute is he! After a long day of being outside he snuggle right up to Chris and fell asleep. It was soooo cute I had to take a picture! This is one of my new fav pics. My three boys early in the morning! Ughh to much cuteness!


Tillmann Fam said...

Looks live you guys have had a fun couple of days. I'm sure Sam was in awe to get to ride Thomas! I love the pic of all your boys...totally cute!!

Robyn Reynolds said...

Kelly thank you so so so much for my cute baby sling!! I love it! I have been telling my friends about your stuff so you will have to let me know when you get your website up. I also LOVE the key bracelet you gave me. I have used it a ton. I go walking around the park during lunch and it is all I have to take with me. You are so brilliant!