Friday, March 20, 2009

Checking out the girly clothes

You know how when you actually have money set aside to go shopping that's when you can't seem to find ANYTHING you really want to buy? And how when you have no excuse or money to buy something you find the perfect whatever? Seriously that ALWAYS happens to me. After being asked by countless people if I was dying to go shopping I thought hmmm why not go check out those mysterious girl sections of the outlet stores. While I did find some good staple buys at Children's Place (onsies and jeans), of course now that I am looking to actually purchase the too-die-for girl outfit I couldn't find one. I decided to hop online and head to one of my fav sites shabby apple and look at their little girl dresses. I have been drooling over this one:
for months and actually have that exact fabric (as Leslie well knows). Now I just have to get a similar pattern and we will be on a role! I of course had to check out their new spring line and found this dress: It was like pouring salt in the wound. This dress screams my name, crazy collar, sleeves with ruffles, buttons AND a sash-- hello! Oh yeah but I am preggy and no way would it go near me. I am telling you irony ruled the day today. It was actually comforting to get the boys dressed for bed tonight and have Sam request his "Soccer Jammies" (a Bright Yellow Brazilian Jersey) to be paired with orange sweats that should actually go on Liam. It reminded me that it will be a LONG time before Little Miss Crawford even realizes what she is wearing! I on the other hand will be thinking about this dress for the next four months :)


Robyn Reynolds said...

I am so excited for you guys!! I will send you the shoes you made for Ava when she grows out of them and the cute hats she wears. It is so fun to dress little girls. I am sure yours will always look fashionable just like you.