Friday, March 6, 2009

Welcoming Two New Members of the Fam!

No we are not having twins... phew! Last night Chris and I had soooo much fun taking the boys to pick out their first pet -- Fish! (seriously this is a giant step for Chris and I who have long sworn that we would never have ANY pets-- but as these probably won't live long I think we are ok) Sam picked out an adorable guy that is black and orange and has HUGE buggy eyes. We picked out a plain orange one for Lemers so we could tell them who's was who's. Sam was so excited he was almost shaking. He kept talking gibberish super fast and telling me he was happy. He held them so carefully in the car after repeated reminders from me about Darla on Nemo. When we pulled up to the house he said "phew we made it!". They then got to sit on the couch and take turns holding the fish while the other freaked out until it was his turn. Liam thought the bag tasted pretty good. The boys helped us get all the rocks and "pirate ship" ready to go in then shrieked as we plopped the fish in. Liam thought it only fair to taste test the fish food -- GROSS! Sam calls it stinky food. This afternoon when we got home he said "Mama the fish need more of their stinky food!" Then the battles began about who got to stand on the stool and look at the fish! To celebrate our new arrivals we ate, or some of us chose to wear, yummy double fudge chocolate ice cream! (Sam chose a Popsicle instead-- weird kid :))

JUMPIN JOESUnfortunately our normal playgroup was cancelled Wednesday but man did my boys need some out of their own house time. Jordan was a great sport and met me at Jumpin Joes. Sam and Fischer had a great time running around jumping on everything. The last time we had been there was for Sam's birthday and Liam hadn't done much. He was all over the place this time. I caught this picture of our families classic game "give me your hand!!" Our boys like to pretend they are stuck places and then frantically yell for Chris or I to "Give me your hand!" and pull them to safety. Sophie is a walking crazy girl now so I think she was able to have some fun. She got lots of complements on her adorable purple outfit!


Kristin said...

I hope you guys have better luck with fish that we did...after like the tenth fish died we decided to call it quits :) Those pics of
Sam are SO cute, he looks so excited to have his own little fish!

LondonCalling said...

Make sure that if you ever move you put the fish in a coffee pot on your lap- I hear they travel well that way, better than black cats locked into VW bugs being pulled on trailer hitches.