Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Project

If you know me at all you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE projects. Mainly furniture projects. I got such a thrill out of recovering our couch, painting our tables and dressers etc. I have been stalking the local thrift stores for a really good bureau to redo and have had no luck. Online I have been scouring websites for a fun project to do in the mean time and hit the jack pot today. I have been wanting an entryway table pretty badly and found this awesome little weekend project. I obviously will be doing it for even cheaper as I will only do one, have no intention of spending so much on paint and mine will be much smaller. And bonus going to Ikea gives me an excuse to go visit Chris while he is up in DC for half the week next week! Now I know this type of look is a sort of acquired taste but I will post pics when I am done and you can tell me what you think!


Heidi said...

Make sure you do a better job finishing the corners than the sample picture. I don't know what it is called, but on the molding on the sides they did not cut the corners so that they look good, like around doors and such. And the molding on the drawers, they have raw edges. Finish those like you would a corner. Check out my friend Jennica's blog. She added some details to an ikea book shelf. A little more minimal than this. but cute.

Nate said...

ok, that sounds super critical... i had a baby boy crawling all over me when i posted. But really.. Finish the edges super cute and show up the tutorial big time!!!!

Robyn Reynolds said...

You are so good at crafts. I wish I had crafty skills. Your family said Ava looks so much like Liam did as a baby and I told Jeff that was a HUGE compliment because I remeber thinking he was the most beautiful baby with big blue eyes. I know your little girl will be stunning. She is getting good genes so I don't know how she couldn't be. It was fun to see your family at the parade. I got some pictures of Claire. She is so sweet.

Garity said...

YEA! I'm finally catching up on all of the blogs I have wanted to see! You are now on my list.

I don't have an e-mail addy for Chuck other than the one on his FB page. I did send him a message thanking him for the heads up on your homemade oreos. We made them for FHE and are a VERY BAD INFLUENCE! I'm sure you could drop a batch off to him when you are up in DC.

YEA on your #3 being a girl! We found out ours is a girl as well, after 3 boys...I guess it's about time. (the story of how we found out is on our blog,'s not a nice story)

I'll be back in W'burg early April to have the baby. Not about to have a baby here in Mexico. Looking forward to catching back up with you and the latest with Chris (maybe you shouldn't read my blog since I bash State Dept GSO quite a bit) and venting about politics...argh!

As for the entryway table...very neat. I enjoy furniture projects as well. I didn't know this about you!