Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunny Days, reason two:

Yet another reason I am so happy: Busch Gardens is open!!!!! That means pure happiness at the Crawford household. This year they have an entire new section for little kids that is sesame street themed. I was so excited. Yes I was so excited. When we walked in the gates there were our new best friends ready to greet us and performed a great little dance. Then we lined up to get our pictures taken and yes Chris and I got suckered into buying one of the whole family. These are a few that I snapped though. Sam couldn't take his eyes off them and kept offering cookie monster some of his pretzel fish, such a concerned friend. Liam on the other hand loved Elmo and was afraid cookie monster might be a little TOO hungry. Then we headed over to the Lil' Clydesdale's. I thought it was so cute to see them sitting next to each otherSam saying "uhhh mom you are embarrassing me in front of the cute girls!" ... not looking at all like they are related :)Since we are heading to Disney world in five weeks and counting, we took the boys on the tea cups just to see how they would take it. While they seemed to love it I got a little queasy trying to take pictures while we zoomed in circles.

I think Thomas thoroughly enjoyed his ride also: Liam held on for dear life on the elephant ride but would yell out "Weeeee!" every now and then. We finally convinced a worker to open up Sam's FAVORITE ride paragliding or as he refers to it "tummy ride". I am still sort of shocked how much he loves flying pretty darn high in the air on his tummy. I know so many pictures for just one day and BG, imagine what over a week at Disney world is going to be like!!!


Anonymous said...

Kelly, Your bureau and top turned out adorable- love the light green. what a great find. And your couponing is amazing! You go girl! I loves seeing Sam on the flying kite ride. I can just picture him doing it over and over with that cute girl. he is so brave to like that ride at his age. So glad things are going well from the federal management career fair- YIPPEE! Give the boys kisses and hugs. Can't wait to see them soon. I made colonial pants for Sam but Aiden's were too big and Sam's fit Aiden so now I will make a smaller pair for Sam and Liam. Got the hat's- the shirts are turning out so cute. Love, Jan