Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Little Miss Crawford

Yippie Sam was right! Our house will get some pink in a few months, well, there will at least be a few more feminine touches around here. Although my favorite girl item so far is blue: I tried this on Liam just to see what it might look like, then quickly removed it before Daddy could see and get mad. Guess I just have to wait a few more months for the real deal! Better start making some dresses!!The Ultra Sound lady was so flustered because we had both boys with us and they were not sitting quietly. Chris kept saying "hold on guys we just want to see if its a boy or girl". Yet she kept trying to find this one measurement... and our Little Miss would NOT move (I actually have to go back in for another one to get the measurement!). Finally after Liam nearly pulled a lamp down Chris said "I'll just take them outside" at which point she casually mentioned "Oh and things are looking pretty darn girlie!" Hello! But I shouldn't be surprised, with Liam we had to ask her as she was leaving the room and she said "Oh you want to know? It's a boy." I guess she must deal with a lot of parents less neurotic then us who can stand not knowing what they are having :) So start throwing girl names our way! I know I am prejudice but I think Chris is going to make the cutest girls daddy ever! Let the shopping begin! Althought he thing I am most excited for, a pink nursery is already pretty done. My awesome sister in law Kelly had a friend getting rid of her entire pottery barn girls nursery set up (she had one boy and one girl and was done- sweet for me!!) It is waiting patiently in the Crawfords basement. I tried not to think about it too often but boy am I excited now!!! Thanks Kelly for snagging it for me!

PS Thanks mom for the hat I LOVE it!


Elizabeth Moon said...

HOORAY! I was hoping you'd get your girl! I cannot wait to see what delightful things you make for her!

AND--if we end up neighbors in the ghettos of DC, our girls will be BFF! :)

Heidi said...

congrats. The boys will love their sister and she will be so tough. we are wanting another boy- but we'll take either.
Good for you for keeping up with the blog and picts. When I feel better I'll have a whole slew of stuff to catchup on. For now I just got up off of my bedroom floor after lying there for about 10 minutes thinking about how tired I am.

Patty Girl said...

Yeah for girls! I got the Penelope bedding for my little one because as soon as I saw those cute birds I had to have it.
You will LOVE having a girl!

Brett, Kendra & Carter said...

Yay! A little girl! You will have so much fun!