Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Abby's Noggin

I try to have something decorative on Abby's head everyday. I really want her to wear hats as a toddler since we are going to be in a VERY sunny place and I don't want her perfect skin to get damaged and well lets face it I really want her to keep her dark hair and am thinking maybe limited exposure to the sun might help? Every one suggests putting something on them everyday if you don't want them pulling it off as a toddler. So she usually has a bow or flower or now that it is cold enough, one of her awesome crocheted hats. This particular one is from an Etsy store called The Irish Hook, although I also love the ones I have from The Portland Beanie company and from my sister in law Robyn. I am beginning to be a big 'ole fan of Sassy Muffins and am pretty sure I am going to break down and buy something from there soon. For right now she will wear them but I think this is a sign of things to come:
The girl has got some LUNGS!
Sammy LOVES Abby and really wanted to be in the picture with her. I think he is going to be a stellar big brother... to Abby. He could really work on his relationship with Liam haaa!


Garity said...

Her expression is priceless in that first picture! I love it!
As for her having some lungs, I think you captured the moment perfectly!

Patty Girl said...

Those are some awesome pics. I made a dress for Olive out of that same material. Congrats on your new adventure in Dili. It sounds amazing!

Nora said...

wow kell she is so darling. i love that cute cute pink hat she has on.
as for hats, i LOVE the ones from sundayafternoons.com; they are huge, but you can't do better for sun protection. plus, they last FOREVER.
xoxo n