Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Learning how much you don't know ;)

This past weekend was great... well for me at least :) I was able to attend an all day photo workshop with Nicole Hill. My creative kindred spirit Elizabeth came with me. This not only meant one WHOLE day learning more about what I love but also a good chunk of time with out the cuties! More on that later though. I would love to say a got some amazing images (and I totally did) but keeping with technology hating my guts I took them in a weird format of RAW that my Photoshop won't open--- yeah AWESOME. Its okay though because it was of just some random model, a pretty girl but no pictures I am emotionally attached to. The most important part of the day was spent not shooting and learning the mechanics of my new camera. It was so ridiculously informative. I am still trying to wrap my head around everything I learned. What is a bummer is the next day when I went to implement what I learned at the park with the kids I took some pictures I love only didn't change the setting Hello I am RETARDED! Its okay though I am learning to not be attached to anything haaa! I will eventually get it right. We have lots of fun homework assignments made to flex our photographic muscles and get the creative juices flowing.
While I was soaking it all up like a sponge Christopher being the brave soul that his is took the kids to the zoo. That's right two in the stroller and one strapped to his chest. He told me people (foreigners) were actually taking pictures of him not the animals haaa! It was a lovely day for all. Abby did great taking a bottle and was a good girl-- I knew she would be she's an angel.
Two things I love
Abby is two months. I can't believe it! To celebrate I got out her 2-4 month clothes (H&M has weird sizes). Then on a trip to Target I found the steal of a lifetime when I found this children's leather wing back chair for 30 bucks!! This thing is going to get some good use in pictures! I also wanted one from Pottery Barn but their prices were always close to Adult wing back chairs :) So I had to plop abby into the chair in her new 2 month sweater and take a pic. To bad the leather is so slippery so I kept having to basically drop the camera and grab her. We got one sort of good shot though!
This poor girl. Yesterday Liam and Sam and I were playing with our "tato heads" when Sam announced he had to go potty. Well our house keeper had just come so I went to help in order to keep the bathroom clean (to much info?) When I came back Abby had Tato heads glasses on. Liam said "Abby tato glasses!" Triumphantly.
What a good big brother making sure she can see! In other glasses news I got mine this weekend and was all excited. When Sam saw me for the first itme he said "mom take those off I don't like them!" Wow punch to the self esteem, I mean I know hes only 3 but he's entitled to an opinion... even if it makes mommy cry. Okay it didn't and I love my glasses so to bad Sam mom likes being able to see ;)


Elizabeth Moon said...

I love that picture of Abby! She looks so darling on your cool new chair. Let's do some shooting together soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Love Abby's pic with tato head glasses. That is just too funny kelly. I'm glad you got to go to the photo workshop. Now I know where most of your first paycheck went!! Way to go Chris, taking the kids.

Jan said...

Kelly, I didn't really want to be anonymous Jan