Thursday, October 1, 2009

Making New Friends

It was a lovely fall day today so we headed down to the playground. My favorite thing about our new place (other than our AMAZNG bed and house keeper) is the great playground and "sand box" down stairs and that fact that every single time I go down there we make a new friend and hear a crazy story about where they have lived (everyone in our complex works for the state department). Today we met an adorable family. Laura is SOOO sweet and her little girls are dolls. Liam kept giving Hannah hugs and trying to hold her hand. Very strange behavior for Liam but can you blame her look at this cutie:
I can't decide if it is cuter in color or black and white...

Miriam is the "older" sister and she is quite the ham. She asked me to take a picture of her and gave me a huge cheesers.
When we left we traded numbers etc. and discovered that we live directly above them. Uh oh now I am going to totally be worried about the boys running around and dropping things on the floor haaa!