Sunday, October 25, 2009

Capes and Trunks

Saturday we had our wards trunk or treat. Abby went as a ladybug
We had a plethora of costumes for the boys to choose from, Superman, Batman, Robin, Buzz Lightyear etc. I had also made a sweet Max costume from Where the Wild Things Are. Sam decided he wanted to be Superman.
He LOVED his cape and wanted to run everywhere to make it fly. Liam decided he wanted to wear the Max costume. WE put him in his jammies and left the costume off until we got to the church. Once there he REFUSED to put the costume on. We thought this might be a problem so we brought his pirate hat and patch (he LOVES wearing these). Everytime we tried to put them on him he bolted. Don't worry he still went to all the cars and wrecked havock for Chris and I. I don't know what got into him but man was he crazy!
When we decided to take the boys to the Natural History museum the opposite happened and he and Sam and Liam refused to take off their capes. People loved seeing them run around making wind noise.
They had a fun time looking at the dinasaurs and bugs. You could tell Sam needed a nap though...
Have I mentioned it is gorgeous here right now. The colors are so vibrant I LOVE it.
We had a fun family night Monday night! We went to one of my new fav burger places Elevation burger. It was REALLY yummy and very afordable. Everything is fresh and organic, right down to the oil they cook the fries in. Plus the boys ate three tubs of mandarin oranges! I love it! But when you come to dinner with the Crawfords you get entertainment with it. Since Sam always brings a train Liam decided to bring his dolphin... who was apparently also hungry for oranges.
Then Liam yelled at him for eating his oranges:
Dinner was so good we had to get desert. The boys got choclate ice cream.
Don't worry the dolphin got some too.
Then we headed down the street to a gorgeous old church that was selling pumpkins to raise money for their choir. The boys had fun looking at all the different pumpkins (Liam won't look at me anymore to take pictures so I told him there was a monkey on my head in an attempt to get him to look at me, so he pointed to the pretend monkey on his head.)
Remember that cape... yeah it is still on
Abby was even having a blast and she didn't even get out of the car seat.
Sam and Daddy settled on this pumpkin:
Chris set Abby up for a photo opt and we tried to get the boys to join her. We kept saying where is Abby guys to try and get them to come over. Sam was kind enough to point at her for us.
Did I mention it is gorgeous here right now. This tree was in the corner of the parking lot.
The boys had fun riding the trolly up with the pumpkins and the sweet package that arrived from my parents with our new x-box-- whoo hoo!
Thank you Granny and Grandad!


Cady said... are in trouble! you were at elevation burger and didn't even call?! isn't it delicious? i love that place, although i would disagree, i think it is a little pricey. in n out is way more affordable! you need to hand the camera off to chris so we can see some pictures of your beautiful face! but, of course, your pictures are amazing!

Jan said...

Kelly, Another perfect book. You need to get someone to publish these books you write about your super fun activities with amazing pictures to illustrate. Your children are so beautiful!! Abby is gettin to be a real charmer. Thanks for posting so I can still feel apart of their amazing lives. Love, Jan

Robyn Reynolds said...

Those colors are beautiful! I can't believe how much bigger Abby is. Your weather looks nicer than it is here. Lucky!

The Grady's said...

Wow! It is so gorgeous! I definitely miss the fall colors of the east coast and of course the Crawfords! I love the first picture of Sam with his little hip action - very cute! Your pictures are so amazing!

Patty Girl said...

Abby is the cutest lady bug! My other favorite picture is Liam yelling at his dolphin/oranges. Love your cute family!