Friday, October 9, 2009

If you are near Australia....

Then please make time to visit us in Dili East Timor!!! That is where we will be living for the next two years! Flag day was CRAZY and there will be a whole other post for that, but for now start savin up people. It is close to Australia and Bali so we will take you on a fun mini vacation if you come see us! The embassy just finished new homes for the diplomates and they are ON the beach. I don't know how I am going to suffer through it but somehow I will find a way! Here is one of the many beaches on this gorgeous island:

The capital of East Timor is a pleasant, lazy city centred on a sweeping harbour, with parkland edging the waterfront on either side. There has always been a markedly different pace of life in Dili compared to Kupang, the major city on the western, Indonesian, end of the island.
Until the Indonesian takeover in 1975, Dili was the capital of the former colony of Portuguese Timor, and it still has the feel of a tropical Portuguese outpost. Badly damaged during the Indonesian mayhem in 1999, transitional elevated prices have gradually spiralled back to more sensible levels. Baucau, the second-largest town in East Timor, is still charming, despite the ravages of 1999. The two-hour drive east along the coast from Dili via Manatuto is gorgeous, with clear water and beaches along the way. To read more about our soon to be home you can go here.


Amy said...

Glad that you will be our "neighbors"! We can't wait to visit you and for you guys to visit us in Surabaya!

Sherry said...


I'm sooo excited for you!! I'm adding it to our list of places to travel to...hopefully while you are there!!

Sherry & Buzz

Garity said...

YAY! What a great first tour! Can't wait for the blog posts.

Jan said...

Kelly, Just looked at the slide show in the flower field- WwwwOW!!! You took some amazing photos and you must have paid a fortune for your models- They were perfect and adorable too.

Brett and Emily said...

Kelly, you're pictures are AMAZING!! You are so talented!