Sunday, February 14, 2010

Neighbors house and Mail

I think our set up is pretty good on our little embassy compound. Not everyone from the Embassy lives here though just three of us. I have been able to visit three other houses and man we all have it really good. My friend Nicola's home is literally a work of art. Totally fung shui complete with water feature and an amazing bathroom.. I have to post pictures to do it justice. Our other friends Jan (pronounced yawn- he is from the Netherlands and speaks only Dutch to their cute little girl) and Meredith were kind enough to invite us over for play time and dinner. They have a HUGE backyard and when you sit back there you feel like you are completely secluded, it is fabulous! The boys had so much fun playing with Miss Amanda and her hose. I think they especially liked going commando.
They all shoved into her tiny pool and had such a blast!
Usually I would say that Liam was on the brick to get warm (after I would climb out of the pool I would lay on the hot concrete) If you are outside here you are hot so he was just taking a break from being sprayed by Sam
Jan and Meredith made us a yummy dinner of Fish and potatoes and I am pleased to say I ate all of my fish! It was really good! I will love fish if it kills me haa! Then I ate about twenty of Meredith's chocolate chip cookie nibblers. They were sooooo good I couldn't help myself. I have attempted to make cookies three times now and two out of the three were completely inedible. It is hard to do it right when you have no measuring spoons or a mixer. So I had to stuff my face with yummy's while I could!
We also had fun getting the mail that day! We were so excited to receive our first package not from US (we buy a lot on Amazon and netgrocer these days). My wonderful friend Candy Wakamatsu sent Abby a gorgeous dress and little sweater. The boys were so excited.
The card Candy sent was really sweet and I hope she doesn't mind but I totally made up a crazy letter for Sam pretending it was from his friends Fischer and Lucy. He thought that was great and walked around with the card the rest of the day. Thank you Candy so much it really lifted our spirits and made our day!
On a girly note, I painted Abby;s toe nails for the first time. She was sitting in the Bumbo while I was brushing my teeth and the nail polish was right there. I did a terrible job but figured all the paint that wasn't on her nails would come of.
Abby really liked them and started kicking her feet all over. She gave the polish bottle a good kick and it went flying onto our gorgeous tile floor sending hot pink everywhere. Che Che came running in when she heard my shreiking. (I am sure she was terrified) It is coming off slowly. I am afraid to take accetone to it but I just might in the end. What we do for beauty!


The Gardener said...

I was thinking that if I had a little girl I would have painted her toenails during this lovely week of being confined to the house while it snowed and snowed and snowed. Sorry you missed the snow, and snow and snow! Gorgeous pix as usual!

Kerstin said...

Looks like fun! Just thought you should know, I went to Buzz's bakery in your honor today. It was delicious....That probably isn't helping your craving for baked goods. Sorry.