Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Virginia Living Museum

Jordan and I took Fischer and Sam to the Virginia Living museum in Newport News today. They had an awesome time! They were able to see and touch live crabs and lots of huge fish, jellyfish and stingrays. Sams favorite remains ducks though. For some reason he just loves those guys. He stood and stared for a long time at the alligators, it was a pretty intense staring contest but in the alligator won out. Outside there was a beautiful walk way where they got to see Wolves, coyotes, deer, Bald Eagles etc. There was a great interactive part where the boys dressed like chipmunks and could crawl through tunnels. Sam also decided to taste test the fish that were in the Bald Eagles nest... yummm no germs there I am sure. What is terrible these days is getting either of these cute boys to look at the camera. Sam used to be such a ham and now you say smile and he translates that to "she must want a picture of the back of my head". So included are some pictures but I can't be held responsible for their quality :)

Sam Looking Cool Lttle Chipmunk Boys The Crawfords Have Landed

Sam Checking out the "Sea Star" Sampling the delicious Fish Liam enjoying chillin in the stroller


Anonymous said...

I love the hat on your little boy - too cute! Soon Wes and Kristin will have a boy to play with your cuties!