Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

With Christopher working now in Hampton the boys and I are on our own to find some fun! It is a big change as I have been spoiled for the last two months with almost ALWAYS having someone around. The first week was an adjustment back to normal, but an enjoyable one. Liam has mastered the art of scooting backwards and will play for hours in the playroom, and you know Sam and his trains. If you throw in Busch Gardens and Water country USA we are keeping busy. During a down moment we put Liam in the Highchair with his Graham crackers, he loved them so much he dozed right off. Both my boys sleep with their eyes open! Freaky! He is eating like crazy lately! He had his first taste of spaghetti yesterday and LOVED it. Just like his big brother for only having two teeth he is a pretty adept eater. Sam himself is addicted to veggies, Pees Corn and Broccoli in particular. This is him literally downing an entire bowl of corn by himself! (that was a great diaper let me tell you!) Christopher attended the Republican convention for Virginia this weekend as a delegate. Which meant Saturday for the most part was just me and the boys. Liam was having a tough time (teeth are the WORST!) so I took the boys to Archers Hope (otherwise know as college Creek-- hello the old name is way prettier and I will refer to it as such from now on). They did alright but were ready to leave after only an hour. This was a bummer as I had become completely engrossed in Twilight. I had put off reading it till I would be able to read it the way I wanted-- in a day or two. It took me an afternoon and a morning... yeah fast read. It was great! I mean no noble prize for writing or anything but you get lost in the world she creates. Christopher for as long as I have known him has been a fan of Vampire books. I always thought it was silly until now-- I can totally see the draw. I guess I should break down and read the Anne Rice series he so loves :)


Jaci said...

I'm totally addicted to Twilight (if you couldn't tell from my blog...)
I loved her description of everything. I was totally engrossed and didn't even notice the PACKED JFK airport or the 4 hour delay!
What is the Anne Rice series?

Robyn Reynolds said...

I am glad you guys are having fun! I love Twilight and can't wait for the movie. Sleeping with our eyes open is a way creepy Crawford trait. I hope my kids don't get it.

Nora, Adam, and Samuel said...

classic pic of sam playing in the sand. love it. last night was such a blast, and we are totally moving, even though moving is SUCH a pain. until soon!