Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One Two Skip a Few

It is so interesting to me to see the inherited traits that pop up in my kids. I am sure my parents went through the same thing. Although I cannot say decisively about personality, hair eating habits etc. The ones that have cropped up are far more surprising. The two that make me laugh the most are mannerisms Sam has expressed belonged to Grandpa Crawford and my Grandfather on my mothers side (A bit of Kelly trivia, both my grandpas were Murphy's so I cannot distinguish them that way haaa!) Sam LOVES to sit with both hands behind his head. I know he is truly relaxed when his arms pop up and his hands rest behind his head. He does it ALL the time. When we watch TV, in the car, when he is going to sleep. It is so cute, and what is so uncanny is that is exactly Chris's Dad. Whenever we are in a deep conversation or he is watching a football game his hands are resting behind his head. What is crazy is that Chris rarely sits like this so he certainly didn't learn from example. I am dying to be able to get a picture of the two of them sitting in their "chilled out mode". The other is Sam walking with his hands behind his back. He was walking as such again the other night when my mom pointed out that that is exactly how my Grandpa used to walk around the garden! I love that we are blessed with little pieces of our families to carry with us! Hopefully cute things like this keep popping up and surprising me!