Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wobbly Walker

These are some dark videos of Liam walking. I didn't think they would look this dark! We have been keeping the curtains closed due to the intense heat and number of workers CONSTANTLY walking past our back door. What is cute is everytime they start hammering after a break sam yells "come in!" Ha! by the way I swear my children do wear clothes, they just some how all come off by the end of the day!

Last night I filled up our car and nearly died at how much gas is! So today I vowed to make a REAL effort not to drive unless I need to. The store is close enough that I am actually going to try walking there with my stroller... when these heat wave ends anyway. So today we stayed at home. I thought it would be fun to fill sams pool and put it at the bottom of the slide that comes out of the castle. Then we hoked up his elmo sprinkler and had a little fun in the sand box. Liam was not a fan of the cold hose water at first but he got used to it and was crying when I brought him in for lunch.Liam has also discovered the dusting wand in the vacuum cleaner and thinks it is the coolest thing EVER! I love that it tickles his nose when ever he tries to put it in his mouth!


Alicia said...

We used to have the exact same vacuum. Bracken was about Liam's age when he discovered the wand too. Eventually it turned into a sword and was stored in the toy box...

Tillmann Fam said...

Go Kelly! I have to say I'm impressed...walking to the grocery store with two kids...I can barely make it to the park down the street :) Love all the cute pics!

Mud and Music said...

1. Some of our friends started riding their bikes everywhere to save gas. They were looking so skinny and tan that I decided to try it out- but it got too hot. We have a trailer and we can fit both kids and a load of other stuff. It is quite fun and I'll try to do it more to save gas when it cools down.
2. The water in your hose is cold? Lucky! Here the water is so hot when it first comes out that I'm afraid it will burn Jake! I'm ready for the fall.
3. Jake is in love with our vacuum. He likes to take the attachments off to play- but now i'm missing one.