Monday, July 7, 2008

Roller Coasters, Swimming Pools and Olives

Last week was a crazy fun week. After the birthday festivities we continued partying with the fourth. Lets just say I went to Busch Gardens (BG) six times in four days! I would go in the morning with the boys and then was lucky enough to go back twice in the evening with buddies! The first evening I was joined by Leslie and Nora. (totally copied you on the pic nora!)We talked Nora into getting a season pass so hopefully nights this hilarious happen often. It is surprising how much conversation you can fit in while running around an amusement park like teenagers and the brief time before the rides take off and the screaming ensues. It really was so fun to stay up till eleven with such wonderful girls. When I got home I was greeted by my wonderful friend Kerstin visiting from DC! The next night Chris once again took the boys so she and I could return (we had been there earlier in the day) and get on all the good rides. I about had my fill of fireworks from seeing them every night they were done at BG, so I wasn't to broken hearted when it rained pretty heavily and we were forced to cancel BBQ planes and attendance a the firework show. Instead we got KFC and watched them on TV-- is there anything more American I ask you? We were able to go to CW for lunch. I loved being in the revolution city on the fourth. (I literally ran after this women to capture her patriotic spirit on film! Those are some sweet pants!) We ate at Chownings which was my favorite tavern before they up and changed their menu! You can't beat the atmosphere though. This is what the view was above meAnd this is what I saw when I looked to my left

I REALLY wanted to have a babyshower that Nora and I are planning here but apprently they don't do that except for inordinate amounts of money. Sorry girls.. but it is totally our inspiration! After our fill of good ole colonialism we then went swimming and that was LOVELY. I bought one of those floaty seat things for Liam but he wasn't a fan so I spent the whole time floating around on it-- so lame! Sunday we had a lovely dinner with Katie and Brian who are new 1l's here at William and Mary. They are awesome and I know will be a wonderful addition to the law school/ ward family. So today I had planned on cleaning the majority of the day as my mom and sister are arriving Wednesday woo hoo!!! But it was a commanders day at Langley so Chris was basically by himself at work. I decided it would be fun to take the boys down and meet him for lunch. Now if you have ever tried to call me on my cell phone you know that I am often hard to reach. That is because I have a serious serious problem keeping tract of it! It is horrible Chris is always asking me and my answer is inevitably "um I dunno will you call it for me?" Well today was no different, I didn't have it on me and thus spent forty five mins driving around trying to find his work. We were rewarded for our efforts by eating a horrific lunch at CiCi's pizza. OH MY GOSH GROSS!!! I dunno how you can mess up Ranch dressing but boy did they ever. The upside is I discovered our boys LOVE olives. Not only do they adore scarfing them down but apparently they make a wonderful hat for Sam's Thomas train! Sam discovered this half way through the meal when he placed an olive on Thomas' funnel. He looked at me proudly and said "Is a hat!" (sorry for the blurry pic it is stuck in some weird mode...) Then pure devastation, after carefully carrying around Thomas and his "hat" the rest of the day we were in the car driving to the grocery store when I hear "momma help me, please please help me" I turn around and Sam is holding the broken olive as tears stream down his face. "Thomas hat broked!" We of course picked up a can of olives and now we will have a fresh hat for Thomas everyday! I love kids and their imagination! This is sam at 7:30 PM after a LONG hard day and some yummy popsicle. The poor little guy slept in until 10:00 am! ( I am currently painting our table and chairs hence the weird white black combo)


Robyn Reynolds said...

The olive for a hat is so cute. It sounds like you guys are having so much fun there! We really need to come visit and go to Busch Gardens with you. Have fun with your mom and sister.

Nora and Adam said...

awesome post. captures the fun we had, totally: i love that we really were running around like teenagers. that really was an awesome night. i keep telling everyone about it and my words just don't do it justice. tomorrow's our anniversary, so i probably wont see you at playgroup, but let's def. get tgoether soon.

The Mullins Family said...

Thanks for bringing those by for me! I gave them both as gifts and they both loved them! I'm glad you captured the classic falling asleep in the high chair pic! It is too funny to watch kids fall asleep in the high chair while trying to eat and not being able to keep their little eyes open!