Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Walking bumps, Power tools and Froggies

So it has been a fun crazy weekend/ week. Thank you for those of you who spread the word about Peek we have Ada fun response and are enjoying feeling like entrepreneurs! I am working on a clickable button you can add to your blog for the Peek Boutique. I finally got the one for Haughty Mommie, it only took me several hours! So computer illiterate! So if you would like you can now go to that site and get the button! I would love you for it! Anyway.... Liam is walking! I know CRAZY! He has been cruising around the furniture for about a month now but these past few days he has started to let go and walk! Chris and I are dying and Sam can't get enough of us telling Liam to "walk to Sam!" Although he now grabs Liam's hand all the time and says "lets go bro-bro" then proceeds to drag Liam where he wants. All of this is very fun and exciting but I had forgotten that it is accompanied by MANY MANY falls. The other night I was out when Chris called to let me know that Liam had fallen. When I asked him how bad was it he said "Think Sam in Madrid." For those of you who don't know about that it is a whole different story involving Tile, Sam's Head and a Spanish emergency room. So I rushed home and found Liam's head looking like this:
Luckily by the time I got home he looked like this:It is so hard to watch them stumble but I remind myself that Sam had to go through it also to become the expert never tripping walker he is now--- wait a second :)

New Siding
The subdivision of town homes we live in are currently all being resided. I was pretty excited about this as they were looking fairly ghetto. This means for the past week and a half we have experienced almost non stop banging. So far two pictures and a clock have been broken. It has been tough to get the boys to sleep when some one is hammer next to your head. Sam has enjoyed watching the workers though and after taking the workers Popsicles and seeing their cool tools he decided he needed his tools also. This is how Liam felt about Sam playing with the tools:Kissing Frogs: At the Virginia living museum they have lots of fun animals that you can touch and play with. This last time we went Sam suddenly took a liking to frogs. He had this buddy with him the whole time: This is a picture of him ignoring my request to "go eat lunch" while sitting on a frog.

This last weekend I was cleaning out the boys closest trying to organize the insane amount of shoes they own. I pulled out one of the drawers and Liam climbed right in. I decided to push him around our second floor in it only to be run down by Sam who had pulled out his four wheeler-- Lovely. Someday my post will be "the boys went crazy with their dad while girl-to-be-named and I painted our toes" until then I am enjoying the rough and tumble boys provide!

Projects: So I got down to business and made the bag I had bought the pattern for. It turned out pretty cute. I made one BIG mistake (think backwards and upside down) but luckily sewing is forgiving and it was unpicked quickly. Hopefully the girls that come over to sew theirs with me will have as positive results! Also this weekend I tackled what to do with the crazy amoutn of blueberries taking up space in our fridge. I made several batches of blueberry muffins that I think turned out pretty good, considering they are also low fat! Yummy!Just a cute one of Liam to end with:


Robyn Reynolds said...

These are so cute. I put a button on my blog. It looks really cute. Thanks again so so much for sending me flowers. This whole thing has not been very fun. I went to the hospital again still contracting a bit and with a little fever but I haven't dialated any more so that is good. It is so fun to have pretty flowers in my room to brighten it up. Thanks again!!!

Alicia said...

I love your BLOG! I made a birdie sling this week too! I love it. It's so huge. Your boys are so darling.

LondonCalling said...

Hey Kel I love that bag! Do you think you could make me one- exact same fabric and stuff if I sent you some dinero? Did Sam get his Elmo videos yet? I think you're going to hate me when he does- too much Sesame Street dancing and music can make you bonkers!