Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lets Not Talk About It-- Oh Okay Lets

Yesterday was my birthday... yeah I am officially 27. A few days ago while drifting off to sleep Chris asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I actually was relieved because I had genuinely thought he had forgot about it. I told him "lets not talk about it-- I am going to be closer to thirty than twenty" He kindly pointed out that that actually happened last year--thanks gorgeous. Anyways I was lucky enough tot spread it out over two evenings. Monday night I spent the evening eating at Panera and talking with four of my great girlfriends.

Sarah (baby Abigale) Terisha Leslie
It was FABULOUS! We ended up talking for almost three hours, enjoy the yummy food and hilarious and deep conversation. (Nora)
Terisha always has a way of bringing me to tears with her amazing spiritually uplifting stories so of course there were a few, wonderful tears. Thanks girls for a great night! On my actual birthday Chris had to work so it was mainly business as usual. I was able to talk to my mom and dad and joke about how grateful I was for them bringing me into this world ;) Then we headed to Bush Gardens with the boys to let them play around with the Lacey's for a while. There was this hilarious band as we were headed out playing music. I had to capture it on video-- maybe they were only funny to me :)

When Chris came home he brought me beautiful Roses! We then tried to take the boys to see Wall-E. Sam actually seemed to be enjoying it for the first hour but after that Liam totally lost it and we had to head. I am excited to go back and actually see it though. Leslie came over and watched the boys so that Chris and I could go to dinner at Longhorn. It was really yummy and as Karma would have it the couple in front of us turned around and have us a ten dollars off coupon! Woo hoo! We then picked up the boys and Leslie and headed back to Busch Gardens to watch the fireworks. We sat on the grass kinda far away thinking Sam would cry again, but he didn't! He mainly buried his train in the dirt... but he enjoyed them for the first little while then wanted to go ride the trains! Its a step in the right direction! Liam, who is obsessed with walking cruised around the stroller!To end the evening I got a fun text from my friend Christa! What a lovely day! It was a different birthday, I am used to the traditional Cake, song, presents but a fabulous one nonetheless! Last year I was in London-- which was great, but it is nice to be with Chris!


Anonymous said...

So fun! i love hearing what people do on their birthdays!