Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cuts and Bruises

Just a quick update in between installments of thanksgiving :) The day we arrived home Liam was jumping on our bed. I was afraid he was going to fall off the other side so I picked him up.. now I don't know how much I have expressed Liam's need for anger management but he was none to happy about this and flung his head back-- HARD. He hit my right in the eye and I heard a pop and felt a ton of pain. I dropped him onto the bed, which he thought was hilarious and ran to look in the mirror to find it was already swelling and turning black. This picture was taken on day three of healing. It is awful going in public because everyone looks but doesn't dare ask. I was at Trader Joe's the other night and a lady said "I hope you hit them back." I smiled and said "well since it was my one year old I decided to refrain." So yes I have a black eye but no my husband is NOT abusive. In other news we finally cut Sam's hair tonight. I don't know why I cry every time we cut his hair. Probably because we let it grow so long that it is like loosing an appendage when it goes. He looks sooooooo different and although he is still adorable his floppy long hair is so much a part of his fun loving personality. I vow that next time I will fork out the money to get a trim instead of the full on buzz. I am sticking to my vow to not cut my hair I can do it with Sam too! He would not cooperate for a picture but here is the mountain of hair we cut off. (Don't mind the sweet painting in the back ground Sam went to town tonight with his paints).


Heidi said...

hey, are you guys still planning on az this month? We will be out of town on the 18-20th to go to disneyland, but then i think we will be around. let us know what the final plans are. we can even stay at my parents if we need more room. (they are leaving Christmas day until the new year)

Kristin said...

Poor Kelly! We had SOOO much fun by the way! And I'm totally regreting not staying. After 11 hours in the car, those important things I just had to get home for suddenly felt a whole lot less important!! And Lucy asked about Sam the whole way home. She keeps telling us she wants to go back to the beach house and go swimmin' with Sam- too cute!! We already miss you guys and are super excited for you to come visit. I don't know how Cleveland in the middle of winter can compete with the Outer banks though :) Oh yea, I'm totally stealing the pics from your blog!

Justin said...

I'm glad Bracken is not the only one who needs "Anger Management" classes.