Saturday, December 6, 2008

Train Heaven at the LIbrary

Today at the Library they had a model train expo! I knew Sam would LOVE it, the only trick would be getting him to leave the house. He is SUCH a home body. Earlier in the morning the Christmas parade for Williamsburg. I was so excited to go again and had planned on letting Sam take his little four wheeler to drive around. Daddy and Lemers were taking a nap so it would be a fun morning for Sam and I. When I told him about the parade he simply said "no I stay here and play trains." I said "But we can see Fischer!" (Fischer has been sick and Sam has been asking to see him FOREVER) I was surprised when he said "No mama I stay here and play trains!" After a few hours reading books, doing puzzles and of course playing trains his brother woke up and I was suffering from cabin fever so I spring the news about the trains. Sam was dressed lickity split and out the door. Since Chris had a ton of studying to do I took Liam with me, this was a bad idea in retrospect. We walked in the doors and Sams jaw dropped. The train sets were amazing!

They had Thomas trains and the Polar Express. Big trains, tiny trains and really really loud trains. It was put together by one of local gated communities and was over run by wealthy older gentlemen and their wives. They loved that Sam and Liam were so into trains... well Sam at least. After about an hour Liam was done and wanted to leave. I had to drag Sam literally screaming from the library. No matter how much I promised that we would come back after dropping Liam off at home.
The whole way home he said "Bro Bro no more run around WATCH TRAINS!!" So after ditching Liam with Daddy we headed back-- for another 2hrs! Everyone knew Sam's name by the time we left, what his favorite train was, what a conductor says and all the train parts he knows. He was so serious while watching the trains.

At one point one of the trains lost its tender carrying Candy Canes. Sam kept yelling "Oh no it's going to crash!" Until we figured out what he was talking about and averted disaster.

Finally I tore him away with the promise of ice cream. We went through the drive through and by the time we got to the first light I looked back and Sam was out! He had dropped his ice cream in his lap and zonked! I best he was dreaming about trains!


wizardofozzie2007 said...

i have been reading your blog for a while now and it made me feel how wonderful you are as a mother and wife and I just adore you. I am from Asia, and internet has been my bestfriend since i got here in the US of A took such great,amazing photos..and i just soooo love,love them...
you inspired me in so many ways, I am praying that we could be friends even just by e-mail, i mean, if its just ok with you. WOuld you mind me asking what kind of camera are you using taking those lovely pictures? I have a 17 months old son, and I am so bad with taking pictures but I am getting there...
kind regards here from WI ~khel