Saturday, December 20, 2008

Playin in the snow

I have finally gotten around to hookin up the ole' laptop to my parents internet. We have had a blast the last week in UT. We also discovered that while sam is a Snow bunny,

LIam is like his mom and loves to stay warm:)

Sam loves that his snowboots keep him warm and dry and tromps all over the yard. We have had crazy amounts of snow fall latelyand freezing cold temps. This has been great for playing purposes but not so good for some photo ideas I had. Nor does it gel well with my cabin fever ;) Claire and I took the kids out back to make a snowman but the snow was not good packing snow so instead we made a snowman that fell over. I think the kids were sort of confused but hey what can you so :)

Before my dad pulled out the snowblower Chris and Sam took on the job of shoveling the drive way. Sam loved it and was a great helper.