Saturday, December 20, 2008

Haa haaa

So some funny things have happened while on vacation. When chris and i got on the freeway to head up to Reagan intl. this truck pulled up next to us. I loved that it was "hauling" this tiny truck. Obviously it is just a play on thier companies name but it still made me laugh and started the trip off on a funny foot.

Liam LOVES having new places to explore so when he woke up at my parents house the morning after we arrived he was like a kid ina candy shop. He has established his favorite spot though is ontop of a duck that resides on my parents mantel.
He was then pretty impatient when chris was getting the boys in the bath and while chris was undressing Sam, Liam decided he couldn't wait anymore and hoped in... fully clothed. He was pretty pleased with himself until he discovered how heavy wet clothes can be!


Alicia said...

NO WAY! Bracken did the same thing when he was Liam's age. It was hilarious. And, of course I had to snap a hundred pictures while he sat in the tub trying to figure out why he was so uncomfortable!