Friday, December 5, 2008

Who Knew Sand and a Ford Escape don't mix?

(Liam likes Christmas lights!) Okay so onward with the marathon post about Thanksgiving. In Salvo NC during the winter time they allow you to drive on the beach. I think this is pretty cool... and pretty scary. I have this fear of our car being washed away (Kerstin I know you are with me on this one since you won't go where you can't touch :)). I had seen this info before we left and thought it would be fun to do a bonfire on the beach. I purchased a bundle of wood from Farm Fresh (Don't do this in the future) and brought yummy stuff for s'mores. I also brought our smore maker just in case. We bundled up and then loaded (and I mean loaded) up into three SUVs and headed down to the beach. Some of us stopped to let air out of our tires, while some of us were too cool for school and thought the tough SUV could master the powdery sandy. Well the Grady's Escape while adorable an a really nice car was no match for the beach. They were stuck... seriously stuck. After convincing Sam to give up his shovel Brandon climbed under the car and started digging. The other boys hooked up some straps to Wes's car for the big hev-ho. The straps broke and the car was goin no where. Sam and Liam thought it was a great adventure! Sam even offered to try and pull the car out with his mad driving skills!

I caught this picture totally in the pitch black and Liam just happened to be smiling!

Finally we flagged down a truck (after the first one zoomed past us making all us mommies terrified that our kids were going to be killed!). They had some rope and with lots of help from our buff hubbies they hauled it out!
Now you would think that would be enough adventure for one night... but as many people know we go big or go home! So after now piling in two SUVs we headed on down the beach, examining a dead shark Kevin and his lazer beam eyes saw on the sand. We found Nora and Adam who had wisely chosen to walk to the beach and set up camp. With at least 4 eagle scouts you would think a little bonfire would be no problem but after burning an entire phone book and trying different wood origami: Teepee, log cabin, big heaping pile, nothing had lit.
Even with Sam's help!

I loved that even after we had all given up Nora still held out her stick in hopes of a spark. I think it was because she had literally run all over the place grabbing brush for the fire! Thanks Nor for being the only non lazy one of us! I also love the four stacker in this picture, Atticus was very serious about his smore making!

As did Halle, in her electric pink snow coat!

It was HILARIOUS snuggling up on the beach shouting different ideas on how to start the fire and then eating up all the chocolate.

A brief snuggly from Sam! Then back to the fire!
After quite the herculean effort on our hubbies parts we loaded back up and headed home to make some real smores with the smore maker. We stopped at a local gas station to reload up on chocolate bars since they had been devoured on the beach!

I was then introduced to the world of guitar hero and lets just say I will never be the same again! I was AWFUL I mean really embarrassingly terrible. But I stuck with it and am not only mildly horrific. It is sooo fun thought. Kristen and Kevin are amazing. It is crazy to watch. While I was getting addicted to a video game Sam was in our make shift toy room watching a movie... or so we thought. The nights adventures obviously tuckered the little guy right out because he was ZONKED!
Also, the night of Thanksgiving Kristen and I went and took in a late showing a Twilight and I have to say everyone is right. The second time around is FAR better. I think I sufficiently beat it down for Kristen though so I think she enjoye dit :) We then hit up the local outlet for midnight madness and bought-- nothing! I know so lame but hey our husbands loved it!
So there you go. I have about a bazillion other pictures but don't want to bore anyone. Lets just say it was fabulous and I am sad that it went by soooo fast! Spring Break anyone? (I am totally not kidding I really am dying to go back already! And this time spring for the heated pool!)