Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our funny boys

Some funny things done or said at our house tonight:
Mom: "Come on Sam I Am its time for bed"
Sam: "I Sam I Sam I No Sam I Am."
We found out today Liam learned a new word to add to Dada, Bro Bro, No, Ba ba, Wa wa
Mom: "Here's a hot dog Liam"
Liam "Noooooo! Cheeeezzzz!" (hot dog is thrown to the ground and stepped on in rage)
Mom nudges Sam out of the way to get into the fridge
Sam: "No push Sam mama. We don't push"
Liam whacks Sam with a train
Sam: "No hit Sam bro bro, no hit. You go to time out."
So at least something is sinking in.
When I took the picture up top Sam kept saying "We holdin hands!" This is what Liam thought about it: