Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why to the North Pole of course!

Chris and I took Sam on the Heber Creeper last week. (Liam got to hang out with my sisters!) During the holiday season it becomes the Polar Express. Sam was insanely excited and took a nice nap on the long drive to park city to prepare himself for the festivities. When we got there his mouth literally dropped open. I wish I had my camera out that soon. (The smile above was caught when he heard the conductor shout all aboard!) We were an hour early because we knew he would want to walk around and look at all the trains. We looked around for a while but hadn't counted on the FREEZING temps.

We waited not so patiently to board the train.

We scoped out which side to sit on and bagged a great spot.

Each train car was decorated with garland and lights and had their own entertainment leader. Elves (cute 12 yearold girls) came around and took all the kids names and what they wanted for Christmas so when Santa came around he could appear all knowing :) When we got started we were served YUMMY chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate. They passed out copies of the polar express and then read it aloud.

We made it to the North Pole where Santa Boarded the train, along with Mrs. Clause they greeted all the children. Santa gave each child a bell and Mrs. Clause her recipe for the cookies we ate.

We headed back singing carols and playing games. The conductor came around and punched the kids tickets. This was by far Sam's favorite part.

Although shortly after he ate his ticket so.... yeah. Overall it was fabulous. I would say they could make it a good half hour shorter (it was close to two hours). Sam keeps asking to go back though so I am glad it was a hit. Thank you Kerstin best Christmas gift ever!