Friday, September 4, 2009

Blessing Abby and a send off to Italy

(Abby in one of her 14 dresses that I have made her.... the patterns were so cute and so easy I got a little carried away.. thanks for suggesting one of them Elizabeth I love it!)
Last Sunday we had a wonderful Sacrament meeting. We started off with Abby being blessed. Chris gave her a beautiful blessing. I would be so nervous to do something so important. I know I would get all flustered and forget something or just go blank. It was wonderful to have most of her uncles and even a grand uncle, both grandfathers and Wes in the circle. Felicity was kind enough to transcribe the blessing for Abby's baby book so I could pay as much attention as possible, with both boys mauling me and trying to yell to their Daddy. My favorite part was when he blessed her to be a calming force in our family. Heaven knows we need all the calm we can get! She didn't cry at all, such a good girl!
I had decided before Abby was born that I wouldn't make her blessing dress. But then I was
perusing the special occasions fabric and found the most gorgeous lace. I am usually not a lace fan but I loved this. I went on a limb and paired it with some champagne fabric. I couldn't find a pattern I liked so Chris's mom sat down with me and I told her what I was envisioning and it all came together. I LOVED IT! I took this picture and then my dad let me know you aren't really supposed to take pictures in the chapel, even if church hasn't started-- ooops.
After her blessing we got to hear Chris's mom speak. She gave a beautiful farewell talk and a wonderful testimony. After Jan spoke all the Crawford grandchildren went up and sang I am a Child of God and I Hope They Call Me on a Mission. It was soooo cute! All the girls were wearing matching fluffy dresses. Liam went up for about two seconds and came back down, Sam stood up there for second then ducked down and cried for the duration and then Ali and Breanna sweetly walked him back. The meeting was finished up by a wonderful talk by Chris's Dad!
After we had a beautiful open house with lots of YUMMY food and wonderful family and friends.
That evening Chris was able to participate in setting them apart as missionaries. We went around and each took a turn to say something to them. It was a very special evening with lots of tears. They headed to the MTC the next morning! Luckily we get one more weekend with them! Turns out when you are a senior grandparent it is a lot more lax :)


Olivia said...

She's beautiful Kelly, and I LOVE the dress. You did a great job. I hope we get to meet her soon. Definitely give us a call. We're not moving until around the 24th so we should be here.

Garity said...

Great job on the dresses! I've been goig nuts too crocheting little hats and cardigan dresses (it's already getting chilly here in Mexico City, who would have thought you'd need jackets in Mexico?) but I haven't dared go near my sewing machine (14 dresses!?!?!?! You are crazy in love with having a girl!)

Her blessing dress is gorgeous!

Patty Girl said...

That blessing dress looks amazing. I am so impressed with your "super mom"-ness of sewing it yourself. You are really incredible!