Monday, September 7, 2009

Moving-- or at least trying to.

The movers came and packed last Friday. The boys of course thought the big truck was awesome and wanted to play in it. Luckily there was a puddle to distract them. They had way to much fun riding Grandmas various toys through the water. They played great until I had to stop Liam from drinking the water. He likes to pretend to be a puppy now and Sam told puppy Liam he needed a drink. GROSS! The movers probably thought I was a horrible mom because I let them completely soak themselves but hey it is better then yelling at them non-stop to not touch the truck and to move out of the way! That weekend we also got a lovely dinner out thanks to Kelly Elaine! She watched the boys while we went with the Tillmanns to Good Wood (yumm!) Abby was delightful so it was a wonderful dinner. Of course she had to get all dressed up for her big night out. This isn't a good picture of the dress but it is my fav that I have made so far. It has big red rick rac across the bottom and a matching blanket. The dinner was made even better when the Tillmanns treated-- thank you again Wes and Kristen! Chris and I joked that we were going to add on a bottle of wine in that case, not to drink just to lay decoratively on the table. We reciprocated by getting everyone Frogurt (I think they got the short end of the stick on that one.)
On Sunday I was running around like crazy getting everything ready. We then got up at 5:30 am to get ready and head to the airport. We had so much luggage though that Chris went ahead with his Mom and all the luggage to the airport and I went and picked up my dad with all the cuties. When we got to the airport I of course took out all the car seats, readied the stroller and braced myself for a very long day. It was then that Chris let me know that the State Dept. had messed up and while our seats were reserved they were not yet paid for and that we wouldn't be flying that morning. This is when I begin chanting stay calm. We couldn't get a hold of anyone because it was Sunday and then Monday was labor day and they wouldn't get us flights and expect us to be on them the same day so the soonest we would be leaving was Wednesday. Although I love having extra time with my family don;t get me wrong, it seriously messed up our schedule. We had a condo booked for a week in Williamsburg that began ticking on Saturday. We would now only get two of the seven nights. Abby and Liam had doc apts. on Tuesday at our fav pediatricians office on Tuesday, and the movers were coming Wednesday to get our belongings out of our Williamsburg storage and move it up to the State Dept. Storage. Not to mention I wanted some quality time at Busch Gardens, CW and the beach and hopefully get to see some of our buddies. We are now going to have to be racing around like crazy getting everything done. Poor Chris will have to drive down with us Wed night and then turn around and drive back up with Sam the next morning for his preschool open house. I think I will be introducing Abby to Yorktown Beach and the joys of a stroll in CW. Luckily the boys were pretty good about the mix up and only cried part of the way home about going on the "pairplane".
It did allow us to have a nice family dinner with both families though! When we were at Kelly Elaines house Sam found out how fun dress ups are. He discovered Morgan and Ashlyns huge
fairy wings That had an attached wand and played different girl power songs. Sam came up from the basement with them on and the first thing out of his mouth was "I'm a boy." Then he pressed the button and "Girls just want to have fun" began playing. I thought I was going to die laughing. He and Liam had all sorts of fun dressing up . Liam found a cowboy hat like his precious Woody, never mind the pink star.

On the way home Sam turned to me and said "mom I was sad." I asked why and he said "because I broke Ashwyns necklace." Great.... at least he is honest I guess. We called Kelly and apologized. Luckily she said Morgan had been eyeing the necklace for a craft project and it was okay. The boys better get used to having girly stuff around though because we certainly have a princes in the house!!


Garity said...

Man that really bites about the plane. I hate to say it but get used to this kind of stuff and the chanting usually helps me but my chanting usually sounds like "don't kill anyone, don't kill anyone, don't kill anyone".

What bugs me is the lack of consideration as if all State employees (and offshoots like us) are single. They forget some of us are traveling with little boys and baby girls! Stay strong!

More pictures of the dresses you made!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Moon said...

Okay that sucks!
I hope you will please give us a call when you get here so we can bring you a meal!
And by the way, I have used the sling you made for me like every day lately. It has been so useful. Thank you again!
Oh and you look beautiful, not that I am surprised!

Nora said...

holy COW that sounds beyond horrid. Plus that means us peeps in va get that much less time to hang. PLEASE call me if you need ANYTHING when you get into the area--757 968 0530 or 757 393 0310. I'm just down the road and am happy to help with whatever you need: rides, food, help w/the kids, a good laugh, whatever.
Love you and yes, you loook amazing and abby is a doll.