Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Day of School

Sam is in preschool!! He has been waiting anxiously to go to school like his cousins and Lucy.
I was worried because we weren't able to attend the open house and meet his teacher or show him around. We talked to him about it all weekend and took him by to see it. He attends on Tues Wed Thurs and has to bring a lunch! We went shopping for a lunch box but the only one we could find was a big adultish one at Ross. I was bummed because I wanted him to be excited about it. That night we headed to the mall and Chris was my hero when he found a Wall-E lunch box at the Disney store! Sam was so excited about it.
On the first day of school he marched into the office and said to the director "Look at THIS!" and held it up. His teachers said he did great and every morning he wakes up excited to go.
One funny thing is when he came home the second day he was speaking some crazy sounding language and I said "You know Sam we never want to make fun of the way people talk." He said very defensively "I'm not mom I'm just talking like my friends at school." I am sure his Asian and Hispanic friends at school look at him like he is crazy when he tries to speak to them in their language. I am hoping this means he will pick up the language where ever we go fairly quickly. He really is loving it and I am loving hearing his stories and seeing his art projects.
Liam is having a harder time with it. On the first day he had to pose for his picture also. He kept saying "CHEESE Mom CHEESE!" Then when we dropped Sam off he was very upset and kept looking into the back of the car and saying "Bro Bro?" Or asking me where he was. I am personally really enjoying my special time with him:) Wednesday night he had taken a LONG nap and after yelling to us from his bedroom for about 45 mins Chris and I decided to let him stay up for a little bit. He played around and then climbed up onto the coffee table and with out warning threw himself onto Chris....
no wonder the boy has already had stiches. We probably shouldn't condone such behavior but he was sooooc cute. He would count "one two one!" and then launch himself.
In a scarier note I have been waiting for one of the kids to get into the elevator before I get there and disappear to another floor. I am so worried about it that yesterday afternoon before I picked up Sam I though I would be all ready and have the double stroller loaded and in the hall so I could just wake Liam and Abby up and put them in the stroller. I had Abby strapped in the car seat and Liam was still asleep in his crib. I was yanking out the double stroller and the door slammed so fast I couldn't catch it. Of course our doors automatically lock so there I was in the hall with both babies inside. Hello adrenaline. I sprinted down four flights of stairs and dashed into the main office. I was able to tell the front desk person what happened through gasps for breathe (I am super out of shape!). He quickly gave me a spare key and I again sprinted up the stairs. I could hear Abby crying loudly all the way down the hall. Liam however slept through the whole thing. Hopefully that is the one and only time this happens. That reminds me that I need to return the emergency key... oops.
On a happy note Abby has started realty smiling at us! It is gorgeous with those big dimples. Before I locked myself out Abbers and I were laying on our huge bed and talkin'. She kept smiling so I ran to get my camera. Of course she only smiles when she makes eye contact so every time I would raise the camera she would stop. She is cute nonetheless!


Kristin said...

Lucy just informed me, "That's my Sam!" Too funny! Anyway, glad Sam is liking school...and I'm sure you're loving it too :) And I'm loving Abby's dress!

Kerstin said...

OMG Sam looks so grown up in those pictures! When did you change from a toddler to a little boy??

Heidi said...

Maesyn thought that she was speaking spanish when she spoke jibberish. Her spanish speaking friend (she was a year or two older) would just look at me and laugh.

Robyn Reynolds said...

I can't believe he is in school already. What?! Time really does fly. I remember him in Spain just starting to walk.