Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who wants to go to Vegas with me?

Alright so in keeping with my awesome run of luck, while we were in Williamsburg my DSLR Camera was stolen out of our car. This prompts the question, with all the amazing luck I have been having lately who wants to go to Vegas with me?
In other news Abby is ADORABLE!!!
But I already knew that :)


Nora said...

holy canoodles kelly!! you have really been through the techno ringer lately. i'm so sorry. a bout your hard drive, your pictures, your camera, everything. sorry i missed out on the dinner last weekend, and doubly sorry we didn't just keep the rover in norfolk so you guys didn't have to make the trip. hopefully we'll see you soon. miss you tons. xoxo

Garity said...

Not funny, your whole techno nightmare has to come to an end already!

I'll pass on Vegas although we will be there the first week of November on our way to St George for a visit. Can you believe Kris and I have been to Vegas several times and have never played the slots or anything else? Before you go and think it's because of some holier than thou issue it's not, it's all politics for us, we just refuse to give Harry Reid any satisfaction LOL.

BTW, did you see Chuck's sneeze fest? I couldn't stop laughing when Sebelius told him she was going to bring Elmo in to brief him on how to sneeze. Poor guy!

The Grady's said...

I am so sorry! I cannot believe your string of bad luck! We miss you guys!

LondonCalling said...

She has more hair than me Kell!!!

kelly miller said...

Kelly, I am so sorry about your camera, you just can't get a break. But on the good news, your baby is adorable.