Thursday, January 3, 2008

All cars are NOT created equal

Christopher had to work in DC today and tomorrow so it is just me and the boys here in Williamsburg. Luckily we had playgroup to break up the monotony. I LOVE playgroup. Trish is always a wealth of information when it comes to kids and always has such good ideas. Today Elizabeth and Atticus came for the first time and that was wonderful! It is always fun to talk to people in the other ward who we don’t see as much. I say playgroup is for the boys and it is wonderful that they get practice sharing etc. but more importantly I attend for my own mental well being. It is heavenly to get a little break in the middle of the day and talk with another adult. Even if the topics are usually concerning our children! Plus Trish’s playroom is to die for! And I love going over there. Which brings me to the title of this post. To preface: I am married to an amazing man who loves to spoil myself and our children. Even when we have basically no money, thanks to school, he will find a way to spoil us. When he was in Iraq I used the power of attorney possibly a little liberally and bought a Landrover which was subsequently totaled after making it all the way cross country (you gotta love teenage drivers). Christopher got to drive it once on leave ;) Knowing we were headed off to school and trying to be more fiscally conservative I convinced Chris (not hard) to buy a smaller more affordable car, and then proceeded to complain about it all the time. Yeah awesome of me. Christopher being the kind of guy he is surprised me with a new landrover last spring. Now I really love this car, it’s the perfect size and has all the features I love… apparently though my boys HATE it. When Samuel was a baby he would SCREAM anywhere I went, and he would never tire out. We tried everything. Buying a new car seat, facing him illegally forward (just to see if that was the problem—it wasn’t) everything. He finally grew out of it around seven months. We thought it was a fluke because babies are supposed to love the car and thought Liam would be different. Unfortunately not. Everywhere we go he cries, the second we turn the car off though he stops. Well since Chris took the car to DC I was going to be stranded with out a vehicle and have to stay home for two days, which if you know me is something horrific. Luckily we took our friend the Thornocks to the airport and they said I could use their car today. I am sure they would not mind me saying that it is an older Honda with 130K miles and no bells or whistles--- but my boys LOVE it. Driving to playgroup today Liam went out! I thought ‘well he was tired!’ Then on the way home he zonked again. I look back because of the unnerving silence and Sam is sound asleep with my cell phone open to his ear! Again when we went out to dinner on the way there and back Liam went out! The moral of the story is while I have champagne taste in a beer bottle budget (as my dad always says of me) my boys are much less picky! Needless to say if we ever again have a late night with Liam the Thornocks can be expecting a call!